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     Every  Morning  ALL YEAR
       Hours:  4 hours

       Oct to May:
  8 am to 12 noon
      June to Sept:  7 am to 11 am

  Description: This is a back country tour of Joshua Tree National Park. Join  an exciting Hummer adventure to see sights that you would not be able to see without a 4 wheel drive. The Hummer is our vehicle of choice as it will take you to places in comfort that would prove impossible or way to bumpy in any other 4 wheel drive. You will also make a stop at an oasis in the desert and walk over the San Andreas Fault over a bridge that streches across this infamous crack.


As soon as you come to this Sun-drenched part of the country, hop aboard a bright yellow H-1 Hummer.   Come and explore the desert in style aboard these amazing vehicles.  We sell tickets on the only real military Hummers in the Valley- except no substitution!

Known for it's smooth and rugged performance, the Hummer has no match in the Desert as the ULTIMATE TOURING VEHICLE.

The Joshua Tree Adventure  is an OPEN AIR TOUR of Joshua Tree National Park  in  modified
 OPEN AIR H-1 Hummers. These are the smoothest vehicles for offroad travel in the business.

      Adults:                     $149
      Children (under 13):  $129
Don't miss seeing the REAL DESERT in an H-1 Hummer. The Hummer pictured here is modified with extra large tires and high-performance suspension to make this vehicle "king of the hill." But the ride is smooth and great for the whole family.

Daily Departures: Leaves from the Mortons Steakhouse
at the corner of Cook and Country Club.
 Departure Time: 8 am (returns at 12 noon)
 Please arrive 15 minutes prior for signin.

What is included:

A Tour of the San Andreas Fault

Visit the amazing  Canyons that contain some of the oldest rocks on the planet and make a stop at a naturally occuring Oasis.  It is renowned as the 3rd largest of it's kind in the world!

A Tour of Joshua Tree National Park
Follow a goldmine trail to Summit point where you can see all the way to Mexico!

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Reservations  are fully cancellable with a minimum 24 hour notice.
An Eticket will be generated by reservation guaranteeing the tour. You will receive your eticket within 72 hours  of the day of the purchase. Tours at Internet Specials are sold based on availability. Early reservations required.

Tours operate under Special Use permit with the National Park.

Tours are operated by Adventure Hummer Tours. 

PUC # : TCP  21791